Phil Seafoods - Do not put fedex Envelope under carpet

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Please notice a fedex envelope was put under the carpet on the floor entry in front of the front door and the spray who open every day to wet the flowers.You could put the fedex envelope in the mail boxes.This is in reference to theese no on the fedex envelope no:740-1149540.trk#4683 3752 1932 XH MSYA.

Sept 27 2010, delivery at 440 lynnmeade rd in Gretna LA 70056.Please tell your driver to notify the customer where you put it or where we can see it and specialy on the floor; water can wet the envelope.It so simple to put it in the mail boxes.We appreciated your cooperation.

Thank.philipe Despointes.

Review about: Regular Mailing Fedex Envelope.



It is illegal for anyone other than the United States Postal Service to put anything in a mail box. If you want them to put packages in a specific place put a note on your door.

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